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To Teacher Ryan(from Trudy Chosun Univ.)
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Hi~Teacher~!! I’m Trudy^.^

How are you? I’m…so so. I read your letter in LLC site. It was impressive!! Thank you for your letter^^. Since i returned to korea, i always miss there. When I lived in the philippines, I didn’t feel nostalgia for korea. But nowadays, I sometimes feel nostalgia for the philippines…T_T If I have a chance to go there again, I will go there. But I cannot.. because I’m a senior...T_T  Sometimes I hear about there from Irene ^.^ I also heard you’ll teach new Chosun students soon!! Maybe you are already teaching them. I envy them. I can’t forget the speech choir. It was a very nice experience to me. I had good memories when I lived in the philippines. And when I started the new big group class with you, I introduced myself for a short time. At that time, I said I was pessimistic. You also said that. But I know it is not good..T_T So I am trying to change my mind. I’ll become an optimistic person! I hope you also^.^ I also hope you are always happy everyday!! Teacher Ryan~!! Thank you for your letter and bye bye~^^






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